Strictly Ballroom The Musical – Press Night

I was invited to press night to watch Strictly Ballroom last week and if you didn’t hear me on the radio, I will say it again – I LOVED IT.

I was excited to see it and I wasn’t let down for one second. The cast and the script have so many “LOL” moments.

Comedy is so hard to execute but this show has its genre “down to a T”.

The characters being along the same lines as other Aussie favourites ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ and ‘Kath and Kim’ . I was living for the over the top characterchures of the Aussie ballroom dancers.

The story stays true to the film as we would expect with the book by ‘Baz Lurman’. It has a message of hope and staying true to yourself, all the while with a ‘Cinderella’ story of ‘Fran’ who transforms before our eyes from bumbling clumsy ‘Just Fran’ to the girl we all want to be.

Fran gets to shine with some fierce moves on that dance floor and a “kickass” attitude to boot!

‘Zizi’ lights up the stage as does ‘Jonny Labey’ who I first saw dancing in a production of ‘In The Heights’. I knew he would go far!

The first massive WOW moment for me was at the end of Act One, when ‘Scott’ meets ‘Frans’ family and is taught the real way to dance the ‘Paso Doble’.

So much heart and chemistry beams out of the cast while their dancing shoes are on fire! Wow just wow, when the curtain came down I didn’t want the interval (and to drop a name, ‘Christopher Biggins’ said the same thing when he came over to chat to me in the interval).

The 2nd Act was quick to follow with a lovely suspense of “what will they do?” Even if I did know the story from the film I was still involved and wishing from my seat for a fairy-tale ending.

The whole musical has an awesome soundtrack full of known pop classics performed beautifully by ‘Will Young’. ‘Will’ is present on the stage throughout most of the show and I think it helps us as an audience feel more involved. He not only provides the voice but some witty narrating and “nice Aussie Accent Will”, who knew.

I can not forget to mention the sequins, the sparkles or the party atmosphere where everyone leaped to the floor to join in the dancing in the finale.

A total 5 Star show for me.

A show that stands alone from the film and also compliments and stays true to it, which is not often done when films become stage shows.

I want to go back again and I’m sure I will.

I was invited to take photos at arrivals so here are some of the stars that graced the red carpet who all loved the show too. Also a couple of photos I took at the launch event. I hope you enjoy!

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